22 Reasons Why I Love Arizona

Matthew Coates June 2, 2011

Being a native and living in Chandler, Arizona it’s Arizona sunseteasy to take what I have for granted. I get up, go to work, come home and be with the family, and do fun things in default mode.  Arizona is such a wonderful state to live in or visit, and I found it fitting to put something together as to why it is such a wonderful place.

  1. 1. We have virtually no natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, etc. The phrase many of us use is “you don’t have to shovel sunshine”
  2. 2. Arizona is a very eco-friendly/green state that as a whole has a very large following of those who want to take care of our planet, but we also aren’t oppressive about it and make you feel bad if you don’t.

3. Sunsets (see above)

4. Monsoons! Huh? Not to be confused with natural disasters as they are nothing alike. Monsoons are a welcome friend after a long, hot summer. Damage to homes in the past has been minimal and it’s fun to be inside observing them, as we generally only have about 30 days of rain a year (Phoenix anyway)

5.  What you can do for physical fitness year-round outdoors

Because of our various weather patterns, you can snowski, waterski, hike, cycle, swim, bike trails off the beaten path, and rapel

6. Sports teams – we are home of the Arizona Cardinals (football), Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball), Phoenix Suns (NBA basketball), Phoenix Mercury (WNMA basketball), Arizona Rattlers (arena football) and Phoenix Coyotes (hockey)

7. Lush vegetation – we are known for our cacti (plural of cactus), but also have an abundance of different kinds of flowers, trees, and bushes. But we’ll talk more about this later.

8 . Full moon shining over the desert – how can you not love that?

9. You can live in a urban (city) area or a country (rural) area. Are you a small town person or do you prefer a sprawling metropolitan area?

10. Our history!  Arizona is 99 years old and has seen many historical figures, including President Taft. We are also the original point of the New Mexico Territory – bought from Mexico in 1848. In fact our state’s birthday is Valentine’s Day, gotta “love” that!

11. Tourism – millions of people visit Arizona for a myriad of reasons. Some come for the Scottsdale shopping (most well-known being Scottsdale Fashion Center, some for the vast golfing, the world-famous and decadent spas of Tucson, hiking/boating, and let’s no forget even the Bradys came to see the Grand Canyon.

12. Hoover Dam – an artichectural phenomian when built, a beautiful scenic high point on a lonely stretch of highway. It is Arizona’s personal gateway to Las Vegas

13. Our wildlife – definitely makes us unique with our coyotes, rattlesnakes, javelina, and gila monsters

14. Arizona is a biosphere -literally any climate you could want is within a 3.5 hour drive of Phoenix, the longest being the beaches of Mexico. Everything else is even closer, including our vast desert, snow-capped mountains and bountiful ski resort of Snowbowl in Flagstaff ;beautiful pine forests in northern Arizona; Phoenix – the valley of the sun

15. Water parks – since the beach is a ways a way, we make up for it with plentiful water parks throughout the valley, including Wet ‘N Wild in north Phoenix, Big Surf, Sunsplash/Golfland

16, Hospitals – several specialized and well-known hospitals in the area, including: Barrow’s Neurological Institute, the Mayo Clinic, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona Heart Hospital, Tucson Regional Medical Center, and  Del Webb.

17. Higher education system – a very technology and medically-savvy state we have here, with each of the schools being quite diverse. Any personality could find a college to match in Arizona. The quiet, earthy hippie style of Northern Arizona University, the fast-paced urban vibe of Arizona State University, and the liberal activist spirit of University of Arizona, not to mention their medical school is churning out some of the best doctors in the country. Plus a Christian 4-year university, Grand Canyon University, and grad school and undergrad employee-friendly in Thunderbird School of Global Management and University of Phoenix.

18.  The Grand Canyon – seriously it’s stunning. If you’ve never seen it, it needs to be on your bucket list. You can hike it, boat down in the river, or even ride a donkey down into, or stand on the edge and snap picture after picture watching the changing colors from bright yellow to blazing oranges, deep reds, and vibrant purples

20. Dry heat – you hear it all the time and it’s kind of a joke amongst the locals, but it is true. When you hear that we have 115 degrees in June, the fact that our humidity is less than 10% severly lessens that blow.  Rather than sweating like you’re in a sauna, it’s more like standing in front of an open oven.

21. Melting pot/diversity – native Arizonans are the minority. You can find someone from virtually everywhere in the world in the Phoenix. Recently while playing sand volleyball, I came across a group of people living in Chandler from Egypt , a lady from Sweden, and Germany. Mostly the people who migrate here are from Chicago, Minnesota, a large middle-Eastern class, and New York

22. My last point is a personal one.  As a Phoenix native I not only have long-term roots here but I have wide family roots. My parents & siblings are here (minus a brother in Alabama). My wife’s family are mostly here and our church family spreads even wider. Because so many people relocate here everybody is willing to forge family-like relationships. So even though mine is here and yours may not be, you will find that network. You’ve already got me on your team



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