How Twitter Got My Daddy On the News : A 7-Year Old’s Perspective

Matthew Coates May 21, 2011

My daddy works hard at his job as a Realtor. I know he likes to do it what he does because he talks about it all the time. He spends alot of time on the computer and phone talking to people and learning what they want. He’s a really smart Realtor and helps lots of people buy houses.

Recently spending all that time on the computer paid off. A news reporter on Twitter talked to daddy about being on the news! I don’t know her name (Stacey Delikat : Twitter @sdelikat3tv – Matthew), but she seems nice and did a good job too.
I saw daddy on the news Tuesday night. He was talking about how much houses cost and what is going on with houses in Phoenix today.
I love my daddy. I was proud to see him on TV. He must be the best Realtor in the whole world.
Oh, did you want to see him on the news? Here it is, only about 2 minutes. See how cool he is!
I was very proud of my daddy. He has had some rough times selling houses, but he’s doing much better now.

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