13 Signs You Live in Chandler, Arizona

Residents of Chandler, Arizona take great pride in where they live. Many changes have occurred in the city over the years, but there are several signature items that ring true with Chandlerites.

1. The vibrant downtown scene

Downtown Chandler has come a long way over the years. What used to be a decent place to spend some time has become a major hotspot in the city. Restaurants, live music, art walks, seasonal festivals, and the farmers’ market – everything’s happening downtown.

2. School system is second-to-none


Chandler Schools may be the biggest reason people move to the area, particularly if they are relocating from out-of-state.  Chandlerites are fiercely loyal to the education they have been accustomed to, and hesitate if making a move means leaving the district.

3. Community support


Whether it’s donating to the Police & Fire fund to feed our first responders at Kneaders Bakery or volunteering to help with an organization like ICAN, Chandler residents look for ways to support and give back to the community that has given them so much.

4. Hi-lo variety of bars


Whatever you’re in the mood for booze-wise, Chandler has what you’re looking for. From several local breweries and craft beer locales like The Casual Pint or The Perch in downtown, to wine bars and ultra-hip speakeasies like The Ostrich. Or if you’re looking for a more low-key evening and just want to catch a game, there are many local sports bars where you’re bound to run into your neighbors.

5. Quiet time


Chandler neighborhoods are as quiet during the evening as the downtown area is lively. Most neighborhoods have peaceful greenbelts with walking paths, and it is rare to hear a raucous party in one of our family-based communities (unless of course it’s high school graduation week, New Year’s, or Halloween).

6. Secret foodie scene


Chandler stays below the radar when it comes to being a foodie location, however, there are plenty of locally-owned stellar food locales like newly-opened Ginger Monkey or La Stalla Italian in downtown. We may still occasionally drive to Phoenix or Scottsdale, but more often than not one never has to travel very far to get a trendy and delicious meal.

7. Caffeine fix


There is no shortage of coffee places to frequent in Chandler. Although most of them tend to be Starbucks, this is slowing changing as the city becomes more small-business minded. Newbies Press Coffee and Black Rock Coffee are joining the ranks of Chandler favorites Peixoto Coffee and Coffee Rush.

8. Diverse demographics & generational living

Multi-ethnic multi-generation group of people from young children to 95 years old.

The cosmopolitan feel of Chandler, as evidenced by both diverse racial backgrounds and stage-of-life households makes it a melting pot where anyone, regardless of background, can fit in and feel welcomed.

9. Lots of “ranches”


The city has embraced its ranching & farm roots by naming many of the subdivision neighborhoods in its honor. A list of the “ranching” communities include Clemente Ranch, Fulton Ranch, Silverton Ranch, Willis Ranch, Ray Ranch, Pecos Ranch, and Lantana Ranch. That being said, there are still many family-owned farms and ranches still in the area.

10. Comfort clothing


Are you going to yoga? Doesn’t matter! Chandlerites work hard, play hard, and run errands hard. That means if you wanna wear yoga pants or your favorite Lularoe leggings to the grocery store instead of the gym, that’s ok. Comfort clothing is part of Chandler’s couture, so just wear what you like.

11. Midwest transplants


People move from all over the U.S. to Chandler, but the greatest concentration of transplants comes from the Midwest. Along with large factions of team supporters, you will also find comfortable kindness that comes along with a Midwest background.

12. Kids’ sports

Pic credit: i9 Sports

Combine teamwork with athleticism and you have one of the characteristics that makes Chandler so great. Youth sports participation is a strong component of the area, where kids learn important life skills and have a great time. Parents make friends and communities are build.

13. Online communities


There are several Facebook and online groups- from NextDoor for specific neighborhood info, to Ocotillo Friends Buy/Sell or East Valley Online/Garage Sales for all your garage sale needs. A newer resource to hit Chandler is the Living Chandler Facebook community group, which has taken the city by storm. Residents may join and post questions about where to find contractors, events happening around the city, promote their business or a local fundraiser, win prizes from contest giveaways, and connect with neighbors.

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