5 Reasons to Move to Chandler, AZ

Thinking about a move to Chandler, Arizona? Your timing is impeccable!

Chandler’s economy, employment base, schools, affordability, safety, family-oriented community vibe, and income levels rank among some of the best in the country.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a session in which Mayor Jay Tibshraeny and Chandler’s Economic Director Micah Miranda shared important updates about the area.

Being an 18-year resident of the city, I obviously have a bias towards this small-town feeling community with big-city amenities, so let’s take a look at what third-party news publications are saying about Chandler, as well as hard data and facts about Chandler, Arizona.

Pic credit: City of Chandler

Awards 2017/2018 

#1 Best Place to Find a Job – WalletHub

#1 Best City to Buy a Family Home – SmartAsset

#4 Most Prosperous Large Cities – Economic Innovation Group

#6 Most Livable Cities in the US – SmartAsset

#10 Top Affordable Towns with the Best Elementary Schools – Realtor.com

#10 Safest Cities Over 200,000 People – Law Street Media

Chandler’s resident population 

The population of Chandler has grown by leaps and bounds, particularly over the last couple of decades. It continues to attract new residents, many of which are moving from different parts of the valley, the Midwest, Northeast, and even California. The primary impetus for people moving to the area is for job relocation.

The city is estimated to be at 85% buildout, of which the remaining will primarily focus around residential development.

Pic credit: City of Chandler

Chandler’s population and projected resident count over the years:

1990 – 90,533

2000 – 176,580

2010 – 236,123

2020 (projected) – 267,069

2030 (projected) – 284,524

Education levels

Education is of strong importance to Chandler residents, as evidenced in educational levels reached beyond the high school years.

Pic credit: City of Chandler

Educational Attainment of residents over 18 years of age:

* 75% some college

* 42% Bachelor’s Degree or higher

* 16% Advanced Degree

* 92% high school graduate

Job market

There are currently 110,000 jobs in the Chandler area.The median Chandler household income is $75,000. There is a very wide age diversification of Chandler residents who are currently working, and so is not heavily reliant on any one particular age group to perform.

Working Age Population:

13% aged 15-24

15% aged 25-34

15% aged 35-44

14% aged 45-54

11% aged 55-64

Map of Price Road corridor project, Pic credit: City of Chandler

The Price Road Corridor project will become a major employment hub of Chandler as development is just getting under way. A prime example is the 47 acres of land owned by one of Chandler’s top employers, Orbital.

Chandler’s top employers/employee count:

* Intel 11,000

* Wells Fargo 5,100

* B of A 3,800

* Chandler Regional Medical 2,100

* PayPal 1,750


Chandler schools continue to remain some of the best across the country, and certainly tops in the state of Arizona. The city’s K-12 education system repeatedly scores high marks. In addition to the exceptional public system of Chandler Unified School District, the area also includes high-demand schools such as BASIS and Great Hearts. Check out greatschools.org for reviews of individual schools.

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