Living in Chandler, Arizona: A Community of Neighbors with Big City Life

Chandler, Arizona has everything you want in ‘Big City’ living, including restaurants, arts, education, libraries, and well run amenities, all while maintaining that good old community feel. You already know we love Arizona. Now we’ll share with you why we live in and do business in this great city of Chandler. Chandler is a community of neighbors all looking out for each other. When you visit Chandler, and especially when you move here, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by your new family of neighbors.

The People

This Chandler ‘neighborhood’ feel comes from the diverse group of people who live here, who make it home. We gather at ballgames, libraries, Downtown, festivals, and on our own streets. Chandler also boasts some of the most employable people in the State. Here’s a snapshot of who we are:

  • 43% of adults have bachelor’s degrees
  • Average household income is over $79,112 (2016)
  • The median age is only 35 years old

The point is, the people in Chandler are professionals who know how to have fun and look out for each other. They move here to raise families and be part of a great, growing area.

Things to do in Chandler: Entertainment and More

Our friend Lyle Knox has lived here in Chandler since 1957. As Lyle will tell you, “It used to be quiet here. All you’d hear is a tractor over here, you might hear the planes at Willey.” Now, Chandler is a bustling town with so much to do. Great ‘societies’ are often described as having arts, libraries, and physical activities. Well that describes Chandler. We have it all covered.

  • Arts and Culture: You’ll catch Art Walks and public art displays regularly in Downtown. We also have the Chandler Center for the Arts who runs plays, concerts, artistic film showings and more. We also have several public and private galleries, including The Vision Gallery. Looking for nightlife? We also have a number of long-standing bars and restaurants that host everything from live music and comedy to karaoke and trivia.
  • Education: Chandler has one of nation’s best charter schools in its Basis Schools. The Chandler Unified School District is often awarded and recognized. Just check out their Brags here! We also have the Chandler-Gilbert Community College, as well as access to three world class universities. Next time you’re in the Downtown area, stop by our Downtown Library and it’s mix of fun, technology, and learning.
  • Dining: From local fast food to family restaurants to fine dining, you’ll find it all in Chandler. People who grow up here often return just to have a burrito at Elmer’s, some Korean at Chodang, a Stromboli at Floridino’s, or a fresh-brewed beer at San Tan Brewery. Chandler has it all.
  • And More: Want more? How about:
    • Ride a horse at the KOLI Equestrian Center
    • See the birds and reptiles and enjoy a cool walk at Veterans Oasis Park
    • The Annual Ostrich Festival — you read that right, The Annual Ostrich Festival!
    • The weekly Farmers Market in Downtown
    • The Annual Tumbleweed Christmas Tree LIghting
    • Everything else your family needs from movie theaters to book stores

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The Chandler Community

Together with Gilbert and Scottsdale, Chandler is among the most affluent communities in Arizona, and that is evident in the way we give back to our community. We have an incredible network of charities and nonprofits, all focused on helping our citizens (and others) in need.

Seth Tucker, Board Member at the Boys and Girls Club, sees the results every day. “The graduation rates are 95% of all seniors, which is far above state standards. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of all the community [including] Living Chandler.” That’s how we work in Chandler, all together supporting each other.

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Work and Industry in Chandler

Like many cities and towns in Phoenix’s East Valley, Chandler’s economy has evolved from an agricultural one to one of industry and business. Most famously, Chandler is home to Intel’s Fab 42, a multi-billion dollar plant so impressive, it’s regularly visited by US Presidents. With some of the lowest tax rates, reasonable cost of living, and low cost of municipal services, Chandler, Arizona is an attractive place for companies like Intel, Orbital, PayPal, InfusionSoft, Toyota Financial Services, MomDoc, Origami Owl and many more.

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