dillon thorse

Jera and Adam are fantastic realtors, and I could not be happier with my home buying experience with them in the Phoenix area. When I sell my home, I will definitely be using them again, and I would recommend them to any of my friends or family. Here are some reasons why:

Listening- they truly listen to what you want and they personalize your search as those wants change

Response time- super fast, they treat you like you are their only customer

Money- I got the perfect home in Scottsdale for way less than I expected to pay

Expertise- They will give you honest and accurate feedback about the houses you’re looking at, and when you’re ready to buy they hire the best inspector to help you make the most informed decision

Local knowledge- if you want to know what the locals know, ask them, they are the locals. They showed me so many cool places in the greater Phoenix area. We looked primarily in the City, Biltmore, Arcadia, and Scottsdale, but they have expertise in the entire Phoenix area

Overall Experience- they are people-people who are just plain fun to work with! They will fight for you when you’re ready to buy. I took about 6 months to make my decision, and they were fantastic to work with from day 1 all the way to purchase completion!

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