JJ Heinrich

We felt so fortunate to work with Jera and her husband Adam, as they assisted us in buying our first home.

We were out-of-state buyers, new to the home-buying process, and initially paired up with two different realtors who were extremely unhelpful and lazy to the point where we could not even put offers in. At the rate we were going + coupled with how hot the housing market in is in Arizona, we began to think buying a home would be impossible.

Enter Jera and Adam. By a stroke of luck, I got in touch with Adam, and from the first phone call we had, I knew we would be in good hands. Our experience completely changed, and we began to feel like buying a home wouldn’t be so impossible.

This team was simply fantastic. Adam and Jera really listened to what we were looking for, and the time and effort they put in to our search blew me away.

My Fiancé and I cast a pretty wide net of homes we were interested in. I would send Adam a huge list of homes we liked, and would basically say “can you look into three or four of these for us?” Well, not only would Adam look into every single home I would send to him, but he also would go to every single one of these homes, and send extremely detailed video walkthroughs of each property. What I really appreciated in these videos was that Adam would point out negative aspects of each home along with the positives. He wouldn’t try and make it seem like every single home was perfect and flawless which is very rare of a realtor to do. Prior to working with Adam and Jera, other realtor’s would send videos of homes trying to make them seem absolutely pristine and would only touch on the positive elements of each home. I really appreciated the honesty and integrity that Adam demonstrated during these times. He didn’t want to sell us a home just to sell us a home — he wanted to make sure it was the right fit for us.

Communication was another huge plus with Jera and Adam. Any call, text, or email would be answered or responded to immediately. Without actually being in Arizona, the responsiveness was really comforting to us.

Finally, the results Adam and Jera delivered for us were just fantastic. We put in several different offers, and had EVERY single offer we submitted accepted. These two helped us find our dream home. They made the entire experience honestly so easy. The Arizona housing market is so hot, and never in a million years did I think we would have all of our offers accepted. I know that would not have happened if we were working with other realtor’s.

We are so thankful for Adam and Jera’s time, effort, and expertise. They treated us as if we were family, and we were beyond impressed with their professionalism from the moment we were introduced to the close of our home, and beyond.

We would absolutely recommend Adam and Jera far and wide, and will certainly work with them again for any future Real Estate needs. They are the best in the business.

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