Moving from state-to-state is very challenging. From finding the right agent and picking your new home, to preparing your new home just the way you want it before you move in. Doing all this all from another state, WOW it’s really tough. When making such a large decision, I wanted to work with someone that I could trust. What an amazing team Adam and Jera make, these two are Arizona’s “dynamic duo” of real-estate.

Adam’s knowledge of housing locations, home market values, home styles, etc. is unmatched, and his industry expertise is by far the best I have ever seen. Jera has been very helpful answering all the questions my wife had regarding, the city, schooling, local communities, housing market, home locations, job market, etc. Her knowledge of the neighborhoods, markets and real-estate is unbelievable.

They both have been there every step of the way. Adam and Jera answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. Their professionalism, honesty, patience and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I never felt that they were just trying to sell me a house, they are more housing consultants helping me make the best decision for my family.

Not only do you need an agent(s) you can trust, but they need to know the lay-of-the-land like the back of their hand. However, what you don’t realize is that you need a friend to help you out with many other unknown situations that arise when purchasing your new home. When I needed assistance with preparing for our move, Adam and Jera were always there to lend a helping hand. Adam and Jera, I need a painter, “we got one”, I need new tiles installed, “we got a guy”, I need stucco work done to our house, “we got a person”, I need someone to sign for my car and the delivery truck while I am not there in AZ, “no worries we’ll be there”. Whatever I needed, Adam and Jera, were there.

Both have gone above and beyond our expectations and have given a whole new meaning to ”real-estate agents”.

If you are looking to move within the state of Arizona, or from another state to Arizona, look no further, call Adam and Jera, the “dynamic duo”.

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