Kevin Walter

Recently I accepted a job that required me and my family to relocate from North Carolina to the Phoenix area. We didn’t know where to start as far as a home search in an area where we have never lived. We met Jera Banks through a community residents of Phoenix website while researching online and quickly developed a relationship.

Jera worked with us and listened to our wants and needs. She told us to feel free to ask her any questions and offered her opinions when we asked. Within no time, we informed Jera that we needed to make a trip to AZ for a home search and she told us to let her know when we would need her to show us homes.

We began sending her homes that we would see through the usual real estate sites and then she set up profiles for us in her company’s site which would populate a list of homes per our specifications every day. We quickly compiled a list of homes and booked our travel to AZ for a search.

We met Jera’s partner and husband (Adam Bailey) upon arrival at the first home on the list. Adam and Jera were fantastic. They showed us homes based upon our needs and as we searched, they spoke to us about the areas we should be looking and helped us zero in on location. From then on, my wife and I knew we were in good hands.

It got even better when it came time to write an offer. They were extremely organized and handled negotiations with the confidence and expertise that only the most seasoned realtors would be capable of.

We bought a fantastic home at a great price and Jera and Adam worked tirelessly to ensure we were happy with our buy and confident in the process. We hardly lifted a finger through the experience. We will continue to build our relationship with Jera and Adam for a future opportunity to buy and sell again.

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