Marco Cappellano

If I could give Jera and Adam a 10-star rating, I would without hesitation. I struck gold with my realtors, and I promise you will not regret working with these two AMAZING people, Jera and Adam!
When my wife and I decided that we were going to put our house on the market, I was dreading looking for a real estate agent. My last experience was not the best. When I think of a real estate agent, I think of a used car salesman. Needless to say, my last experience was like buying a car, and I hated it. This go-round I did my research and interviewed a handful of agents before signing one. I ran across agents that were very cocky and would promise me the world; I could see thru it – I had been in this position before. I was finally at my wit’s end and decided to reach out to one of those flat rate relators. I figured I could do all the leg work, and they wouldn’t take a huge commission. I had read mixed reviews online about these types of companies. I decided to reach out to a group that I follow on Facebook asking what the pros and cons were with using a flat rate company vs. a realtor. Within minutes, Jera responded. She laid out the differences between using somebody like her and a flat rate agency. We chatted back and forth for a bit; I explained my frustrations to her regarding realtors. She understood my frustrations, and promised to deliver on exactly what my wife and I were looking for. We decided to meet a couple days later, and am I glad we did! Jera came in, and laid it all out for us. She was very honest, and didn’t try to oversell us or push us into selling right away.
The market right now is HOT, and she told us her and Adam would have our house sold in 48 hours. That was a concern of mine. I didn’t want to put my house up right away just to make a sale, and not have another house to move into. Unlike the other agents, Jera told us to take our time, find what we wanted, and then we can move forward with the sale of our house. That is where Jera sold me. It wasn’t only that she was honest, and upfront, but she didn’t push us so she could make a quick commission. She legitimately wanted us to be happy. Another bonus is that Jera was previously a home appraiser for over 20 years in the biz. That is HUGE for a seller. I had realtors come in and say, “Your house might be worth this or that, and we’ll put it up for X”. Not what I wanted to here. I didn’t want to play some sort of guessing game. If you’re a professional in the industry, I expect the numbers to be dialed in. Jera took a look at our home/property, and told us exactly what our house was worth – this is where her 20+ years as an appraiser paid off. No other agent that we came across could provide us with the exact numbers that she did. She told us where she was going to list the home. Of course, I wanted to go a bit higher, but be the professional that she is, she said explained why she set the number where she did. After all, she knows the industry, I do not.
Shortly thereafter, I met with her husband Adam, whom she spoke very highly of. Adam is the master negotiator, Jera explained – and she did not exaggerate one bit. Adam has been fantastic. He told me that I was going to make “so much money on this house that you won’t believe it.” Part of me was skeptical… Now is where the fun begins. Once we found a home, we told Jera to pull the trigger and list our home. As soon as she did, we had our home sold in 2 hours – YES, 2 HOURS!!! The offers came pouring in. I wanted to sell right away, but Adam and Jera told me to be patient. We had over 40 showings in 3 days. There are some companies around the valley that say they can sell your house in 72 hours. I have followed their properties, and let me tell you, that is pure garbage! If you follow their houses, you will see that I am not exaggerating. That being said, Jera and Adam sold mine in 2 HOURS! That isn’t even the best part. The offers kept pouring in. The emails and text from Adam and Jera kept blowing up my phone. It was insane! The numbers kept going up and up and up. We sold our house for almost 50K OVER listing! Their marketing far exceeds anything that I have ever seen before. Outside of the crazy money we made, they made the sale of our home seamless. It wasn’t the headache and stress that I was expecting. After we reviewed all the offers, I let Adam do his thing, and be the “master negotiator” that I was told he is. Adam did not disappoint. Some of the clauses that he was able to negotiate in our contract was unbelievable.
To this day, even though we have completed the process of selling and buying, they are still there to answer any questions. We are now 2 weeks past closing and Adam is still willing to help where we need it. Whether it’s a repairman that he can recommend or just to check-in and see if there is anything that they can do to help; they are still there for us – just as Jera promised in the beginning.

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