We have not used a realtor for past purchases, but during this unprecedented housing market we were lucky to meet Adam during an open house we attended. We were impressed by his insights and expertise on the market, and the construction and renovations of the homes. We appreciated his ability to spot potential building issues that could cost thousands in the future. He presented his opinions in a low-key and low-pressure way, allowing us to make the best decisions for ourselves. Adam’s knowledge of the real estate transactions kept us from over-paying in an environment where impulse buying can blind the buyer into making serious mistakes.

Jera’s careful attention to detail to the massive amounts of documentation needed in quick order was impressive and kept everything running smoothly without a hitch. Having this real estate power couple on our side gave us a huge advantage over other buyers and sealed the deal.

Throughout the process we felt like our best interest in buying the right home for our budget was Adam and Jera’s top priority.

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