Enjoy the Backyard of Your Chandler AZ Home More

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Outdoor entertaining in your home

Spring is in the air and its time to journey outside your home and enjoy the crisp air, beautiful flowers and sunshine.  Chances are you will find yourself spending more time outside enjoying this new season and catching up with the pruning, trimming and gardening around your Chandler AZ home. You may have recently bought…Read More »

Mortgage After Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy

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You lost your Chandler AZ home to foreclosure or short sale. Or maybe you filed bankruptcy to save your home. It seems like the end of the world, doesn’t it? Not only has your credit been damaged, but your pride may have taken a hit as well. After the Phoenix market peaked in 2006 home…Read More »

Your Home, Interest Rates and Quantitative Easing

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your home and mortgage rates

You’ve no doubt noticed the increase in mortgage rates in the last month – maybe that statistic has even caused you to wonder if NOW is the time to sell your home. Happily the real estate market continues to flourish despite average rates creeping to nearly 4%, although inventory still shows significant lows. Still, you…Read More »

Being A Good Neighbor Starts in Your Home

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fresh bread from your home

In talking with a friend about her recent cross country move, I was reminded of how delightful it is to give and receive service. Perhaps you had a similar experience when you purchased your home. Maybe you’ve been the helpful neighbor yourself. Either way, her story explaining a surprising relocation and a neighborhood welcoming will…Read More »

MarketPulse Report Suggests Good News for Your Home

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Sell Your home in 2013

Interested in selling your home? If so, California based information analyzer CoreLogic® predicts you’re in good shape. A recently released report showed a 7.5% increase in the Home Price Index (HPI®) in 2012 and predicted yet another increase of 6% for 2013. Based on repeat sales, the (HPI®) focuses on real home sale statistics and…Read More »

Competing Against Multiple Offers For Your Home

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Multiple Offers On Your Home

Home buyers everywhere are bemoaning the lack of inventory and if you happen to be in the market to buy your home, there are a few things you should know. When you find the perfect home, make an offer. Don’t wait, don’t bargain. Offer your best possible price and a high deposit with all your…Read More »