Getting The Best Deal On A Home: 5 Ways To Do It

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Getting the Best Deal: 5 Ways You Can Do It! Every buyer wants a deal, that’s for sure. Especially in this market people are pinching every penny and want to get what they perceive to be a great deal on a home for sale. I work with homes for sale in Chandler,Arizona and I can…Read More »

Keeping Cool in Your Home Despite the Heat

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Summer heat comes in waves and can put a damper on fun. To keep the good times rolling despite the heat, the following tips (some slightly unorthodox) may help you to cool off inside and outside your home. Inside Your Home Close Your Window Coverings – Anything you can do to decrease the sun’s rays…Read More »

Vacationing Away From Your Chandler AZ Home

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Your Home & Safety

Warmer weather and cloud-free skies may have you dreaming of leaving your Chandler AZ home for a vacation. No matter where you choose to journey for your break away trip, take the time to make preparations to your home before leaving. A few smart steps toward protecting your Chandler AZ home while you are way,…Read More »

Squash Can Bring A Smile to Your Chandler Home

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Share some squash with neighbors near your home

Whether you are a long time resident or have just moved into a new home, doing your part to be enhance your neighborhood and build friendships on your block will increase your personal happiness with your home. Being a supportive and caring neighbor can be as simple as creating conversation or lending a hand with…Read More »

Enjoy the Backyard of Your Chandler AZ Home More

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Outdoor entertaining in your home

Spring is in the air and its time to journey outside your home and enjoy the crisp air, beautiful flowers and sunshine.  Chances are you will find yourself spending more time outside enjoying this new season and catching up with the pruning, trimming and gardening around your Chandler AZ home. You may have recently bought…Read More »

Mortgage After Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy

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You lost your Chandler AZ home to foreclosure or short sale. Or maybe you filed bankruptcy to save your home. It seems like the end of the world, doesn’t it? Not only has your credit been damaged, but your pride may have taken a hit as well. After the Phoenix market peaked in 2006 home…Read More »